Your El Cajon HOG Toys for Tots
San Diego Staff is hard at work figuring out our logistics amidst C19 restrictions!!!

🖐🎄 Christmas is 5 months away but we plan year around!

Here's what we know >

🎁Last year the San Diego Toys for Tots Program took care of over 64,000 kids with over 231,000 toys.
🤩 OUR event was almost 10% of that!!!
That's MASSIVE (Just another reason to love our Motorcycle and Car club communities!)

➡️ This year our event WILL BE A GO on the original date of Sunday, Nov 22, 2020

➡️There is some restructuring within the Marine Corps, specifically our partners- 4th Tank Battalion here in Southern CA.

➡️The format and location due to C19 restrictions are what may change but our event will still be a go.

➡️ We will have the information of formats and locations to you by Mid Oct if not sooner.

🎯So- SAVE THE DATE, and tell your riders groups and car clubs the same!

We will bring more updates as we have them!

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